Silica Quartz Insulated Thermalpad Heater

INDUSTRIALS HEATORS ™ are used for maintaining fluid temperatures in medium and large-volume industrial storage tanks. Typical applications for electrical heat tracing of tanks and vessels to heat Medium and High temperatures.

INDUSTRIALS HEATORS' pad heater's basic design consists of a helically wound Single strand nichrome coil placed in a specially designed Silica cloth(Quartz cloth). The resistance coil is mechanically connected to nickel wire terminal for positive connection. Silica cloth(Quartz cloth) is used to house the heater assembly. The heating element have been specially designed to provide maximum surface area of contact for good heat dissipation into the surface of the equipment's, thus resulting in rapid heat transfer. INDUSTRIALS HEATORS Pad Heaters are designed and manufactured according to customer specification.

Constant Wattage Power Cable


  • 230v & 440v Power Supply.
  • Non-Flammable glass cloth.
  • Temperature range will be up to 600°c.
  • Constant power dissipating and 100 percent performance for conduction application.
  • Used in uneven shaped equipment.
  • Pad heaters are highly flexible and will have a proper contact with the surface of of the tank.
  • Highly efficient in producing uniform heat to the entire surface.


  • Most applicable in SS Washing Tanks & Evaporators for all kind of industries.
  • Very useful to Transport tankers.
  • Chemical and Cement industry for hopper Heating.
  • Evaporators in Effluent Treatment Plant