Self Regulating Cables

ISTP self-regulating heating cables are designed specifically for process temperature maintenance. Excellent for metallic piping and tanks. Self-regulating heating cables allow for easy of design and installation with applications ranging from freeze protection to temperature maintenance to foundation heating.

Self Regulating Cables


  • Available as 10-60W/Mtrs.
  • 230V & 440V(on request)Power supply.
  • Will not self-destruct by overheating
  • Can be cut at the desired length in field
  • Fear of burnout.
  • Whenever ambient temperature drops the heat output of the cable increase, conversely when the ambient temp raise, the cable react by reducing it heat output.
  • Easy to install.


  • Most applicable in Piping, Tanks & Equipment's for Petro-chemical industry and also in chemical industry, Laboratory, Hot water supply and Eva-Operators.
  • This cable is also applicable in chemical resistance of organic and aqueous inorganic chemical and Corrosive