Drum Heater - Drum Dryers (Single & Multi)

INDUSTRIALS HEATORS ™ mica band heaters are designed to enable both installation and removal of the heater without disturbing to previously remove other heaters or fitting. These heaters are constructed by winding a nickel chrome resistance ribbon around mica sheet. This are then insulated and covered by metal sheathing and rolled to the required shape for installation over a dies, barrels and nozzles. This type of heaters allows the user to specify the construction needed to result in the best heat solution. Mica Band heater can be found in several types of dimension, wattage, voltages, and materials. It is mostly used in extruders, injection molding, heating dies, heating cylinder, compounding, rubber machinery and laboratory equipment. Industrials Heators can provide mica band heaters are custom built to customer specification and requirements.

Constant Wattage Power Cable

Constant Wattage Power Cable


  • Rust resistant Sheath.
  • Max. Operating temperature up to 300°C.
  • Max. 46.5 kw/m².
  • Nickel chrome ribbon resistance wire is used as heating element.
  • Special high grade mica insulation for superior thermal conductivity.


  • Plastic Processing Machinery
  • Injection & Blow molding
  • Extruders
  • Laboratory Equipment's
  • Compounding
  • Rubber Machinery