450°C MI Heating Cable

450°C MI Heating Cable

INDUSTRIALS HEATORS ™ offer Mineral Insulated Heater(MI HEATER) for various industries in various high temperatures (for non hazardous area use). These heating cables provide the best performance in the area of electrical heat tracing for many industrial application. Mineral insulated cable is a metal sheathed cable in which nickel-chromium heating elements are used as a conductor. The conductor is electrically insulated from the metal sheath with highly compressed magnesiumoxide (MgO).

MI Heating Cable Categories



  • Exposure to high temperature
  • Max surface temperature up to 450°c.
  • High power output (up to 300w/mtr).
  • Rugged cable construction.
  • Constant power output over entire heater length.
  • Extended heater life.
  • Factory termination.
  • High Maintenance temperature


  • Most applicable in High temperature metal industries for high temperature.
  • Research & Development.
  • Salt heating application.
  • Bulk storage tanks and pipe lines
  • Pipeline heating
  • Power generation station